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2012-2-19 08:19 upload and download attachments (142.85, KB) recently released Air Jordan IV white / cement color, presumably we also appreciate the confusion it brought sales it?! So that Nikestore from the beginning to the end of several degrees into paralysis. If you don't have to buy the Air Jordan / IV white cement color, so as you consider this time we see this retro version of the Air Jordan IV white / blue color military products, and the Air Jordan IV / white cement with a white background, this just put Air Jordan IV / white cement the cement gray ink design have changed to a blue color instead of military, the color combination is more prominent and refreshing sense of retro shoes. This color is first published in 2006 2012, after a lapse of 6 years once again engraved, not only to buy Air Jordan IV / no white cement shoes fans also give some comfort, always love this color friend surprises. It is expected to be available later this year, and our favorite friends will be able to keep an eye on our follow-up reports. now, when it comes to Puma, your first reaction must be Rihanna

and Puma are the most representative of the Puma Classic Suede has recently been modified after joining, dubbed the "moon cakes" Creeper rubber sole, the shoe "shoes" has become the whole cake, meet girls appetite?
Running too hard will be broken
Shortly before
, a sports enthusiast in Zhengzhou had a fracture after running. When the movement process did not turn or wrestling, why will appear fracture phenomenon?

, "this kind of injury is called fatigue fracture, also known as stress fracture. It is caused by overload, running for a long time, incorrect running posture, too hard ground or low vibration absorption performance of running shoes." Luoyang Bone-setting Hospital of Henan province Zhengzhou District Institute of sports medicine department, deputy director of the knee arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery Gao Wanxu said, fatigue fracture is a chronic repeated damage caused by the accumulated, which is more than half of metatarsal fatigue fracture in patients with long time or after strenuous exercise usually appears before the foot pain, after a few minutes of rest will gradually disappear, but the pain in the following the movement will be more severe, until fracture occurred.
According to Gao Wanxu
, common in long distance marching soldiers, long distance and high strength of the rider, avid mountaineer, often a large amount of exercise training in the elderly fatigue fracture, but also in ball games, gymnastics and ballet. In recent years, with the runaway riding, and other outdoor sports hot, fatigue fracture is more and more common.

"clinically, no history of trauma typical fatigue fracture, usually long after excessive exercise a sense of knee and calf, forearm, ankle and chest pain. Early X film is not easy to shine out, easy to leak diagnosis or misdiagnosis, through nuclear magnetic resonance can be clearly displayed. " Gao Wanxu suggested that the movement should be step by step, prepare before the movement, and master the amount of movement and the intensity of movement according to its own reality. Once the pain occurs, stop the rest immediately and go to the specialist in time.

(Lin Hui correspondent Zhang Yantao)
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