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2012-3-9 upload and download attachments at 13:32 (99.42 KB) 2012 Air Jordan is adding another generation; Air Jordan IX Retro will have four colors on the list of holiday sales. The first tentative October sale of the Air Johnny Jordan IX Retro Kilroy Johnny Kilroy color, said, this is Jordan invented in the first period of retired players, this can be said to be one of the best advertising Air Jordan Steve Martin, a reporter at the time of the investigation out of the identity of the Kilroy, and found by Jordan Kilroy is a fictional character forged the possibility of their retirement. So the Johnny Jordan IX Retro Kilroy, which has not yet been exposed, is quite an aspect of Air. The tentative November sale of the two colors are once engraved olive, as well as an unexposed black, blue and white new color. The tentative December release is Air Jordan IX Retro cool gray color matching. Air Jordan 9, Retro, Johnny, Kilroy, and Air Jordan 9 Retro Black / Photo Blue / white, because there is no picture, so we first see Air, Jordan, IX, Retro, cool gray color and olive color bar!

well-known sports shoes manufacturer PUMA company and the famous American trend brand UNDEFEATED cooperation fund again released detailed preview of the map. A few days ago, we have done this joint report for the two parties, this time we have brought more details of the photos.

we can see from the picture in addition to previously reported on the tongue of PUMA into logo UNDEFEATED logo, PUMA CLYDE logo side also did modify position. The tongue on the gravure printing logo also reveals its co identity, although the details have been published a lot but the shoes are still to wait until the launch will be announced in April, it seems you still have to wait patiently.
Winter running
in the cold winter many people are more inclined to lose weight through indoor exercise. But experts said the weather conditions and air quality under the suitable condition, insist to be able to warm up in the outdoor treadmill can reduce fat. The following is to follow up to see what the advantages of winter running it, and what to pay attention to in winter running?

's benefit of losing weight in winter running

1, winter cold and multi run to supplement the energy

in winter, the temperature will decrease greatly, this time the body will tend to slow down and The new supersedes the old., our appetite will increase, so as to supply energy for the body to resist the cold, so many people will find themselves in the winter weight increased. So it's especially good to choose running as a winter sport.

2, winter easy to accumulate fat and run to lean

is easy to get fat in the winter, I believe that everyone has a deep understanding. The cold body stores more fat instinctively in order to keep the cold. At this time, the body fat synthesis and metabolism speed is faster than the usual 2~4 times, and the rate of fat decomposition metabolism is lower than 10%. In this way, fat is more synthetic than fat metabolism, and fat hoarding leads to obesity. In addition, in winter, people energetically "supplement". It's natural to get fat. Jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise can consume fat fat but also warm up. If you can keep running when you are in winter, you will find that the fat is on the other side of the body.
How does
run in winter to lose weight correctly?

1, the best time for running is
in the evening
the air quality is not very good in the winter morning, so it is not suitable for running. In the afternoon or evening, the air quality is suitable, and at this time the human body and flexibility reach the best state, suitable for large intensity of exercise. At this point, running is not easy to cause injury. The lumbar disc herniation is more pressure and more vulnerable to the lumbar spine in the evening, and it is suggested not to run at night. You should pay more attention to running at ordinary times.

2, winter running wear appropriate

in winter running on equipment requirements more, the focus should be paid attention to two aspects, one is to keep warm, two is perspiration. In order to avoid catching cold, it is recommended to bring gloves and hats in winter running. The clothes are 3 layers, the underwear is sweating, the coat is windproof, and the middle layer is warm. Don't be too tight or too loose. Too tight, too loose, and high resistance when running. Cotton is comfortable, but very sweaty, not conducive to perspiration, easy to catch cold. So don't wear cotton underwear when running. Shoes, the choice of professional or professional running shoes.

3, stretching before running

eager to lose weight, so wear running shoes directly run? This is not the best way to lose weight in running. You know, the energy in your body is divided into two kinds: fast energy and reserve energy. Only when the fast energy consumption is almost the same, the storage in your body.

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