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remember last year during the NBA all star game JordanBrand to the season after retiring KobeBryant tribute, and in particular to create a black and white two AirJordan1 - 30 generation suit? At that time the brand black suit in the eBay bidding auction sale, the amount of income donated to the KobeandVanessaBryantFamily foundation, in addition to the KobeBryant group is white as my collection.

and in the near future the United States well-known auction companies HeritageAuctions appeared on the website of this group of white suit shoes, each pair is the size of US14 KobeBryant, but special attention is when the two section of the 3 and 8 generation overshoes are present in the Lakers purple color, while HeritageAuctions announced this group is full for the pure white, according to foreign reports pointed out that this is an American California private collectors auction.

this set will be open bidding on May 22nd, the deadline for June 11th. At the end of last year black group is the U.S. $240100 bid with the times, the same price? You may wish to wait and see.

I was stunned after seeing me! It turned out that the Marathon had so many "horses".

director and associate professor of the Department of sports health, Nanjing Sport Institute. The teaching of physiology, nutrition and exercise prescriptions for a long time.

November 29th, the Nanjing international marathon will be held. This competition has attracted a lot of public attention. In recent years, the marathon has been hot all over the north and south, and the pursuit of more and more people, even the marathon competition is very difficult to sign up. Speaking of here, do you want to try it?

is said to have originated in ancient Greek legends. In 490 bc, the people of Athens in the plain of Marathon and the invading Persians start war, eventually win. Athens captain Binfelipe di J sent a messenger to Athens. As he ran into the front of the people of Athens, he shouted, "we won," and fell to the ground. To commemorate him, the marathon was added to the ancient Olympic Games, with a total length of about 40 kilometers. This project was set up at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. In 1908, the IAAF final distance is 42.195 kilometers. The current world record is the 2 hour 2 minutes, 2 minutes, 57 seconds, created by Kenya's Dennis Kimetto in September 2014.

are you suitable for running marathons

generally, there will be a full horse race (full marathon, 42.195 kilometers), half horse (half marathon, 21.0975 kilometers) and mini Marathon (5-10 kilometers). These different kinds of marathon are different, and the requirements for physical fitness are different. How long will it take to train to run a marathon?

1. Mini Horse

if you are an ordinary fitness enthusiast, exercise aerobics 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes or so, you might as well try to run a mini marathon first. Though a mini marathon may exercise almost as much as you do at ordinary times, many people experience a lot of difference between running together and exercising alone. When you run together, your running speed is very easy to be "fast", "slow" or even "messy", which will affect running performance and even physical discomfort. But they run together, encourage each other, appreciate each other, and can make you run easier. Anyway, when you have a mini horse, running again, the heart will be more.

2. Half horse

if you jogging for 5 days a week, jogging about 1 hours each time, and you've been doing this for six months to a year. Also, you have participated in at least one Mini Horse, while recent physical condition is good, then try a half marathon. However, according to the statistics of recent marathon competitions in China, the possibility of a half horse accident is higher than that of the whole horse. Many people try the marathon for the first time, thinking that half a horse can stick to it, so it will be easy to run out at the beginning of the game.

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