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Running knee today, in 2016, the Chinese Department of orthopedics doctor Mini marathon invitational tournament was held in Xiamen, and many department of orthopedics physicians in Xiamen participated in it. However, it is often seen on the Internet that running injuries to the knees. So is it going to be running?

begins to burn
after 20 minutes of running
running is one of the best ways to exercise, and if you have a pair of comfortable shoes, you can start a healthy journey. Chen Haipeng, chief physician of Department of Orthopaedics, Xiamen Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, introduced that running is an aerobic breathing exercise. After 20 minutes of running, fat starts to burn, so as to achieve the purpose of losing weight. Running can also make the muscles of the whole body shrink and relax rhythmically, increase the muscle fiber and increase the protein content. During exercise, the frequency and efficiency of heart beating will also greatly improve. The increase of heart rate, blood pressure and blood vessel wall elasticity will increase the maximal oxygen uptake of trained athletes by 33% to 60% than that of ordinary people.

in addition, running can enhance the gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the secretion of digestive juice, increase the ability to digest and absorb, and increase appetite and strong constitution. Running can also help to improve the quality of sleep. The experts also pointed out that proper exercise can prevent muscle atrophy and delay the degenerative changes of the bones.

running knee love "looking for" young people

Chen Haipeng said that young and amateur runners are more likely to "have" running knees. On the one hand, runners are full of young amateur, Jian, run up not excessive exercise; on the other hand, amateur runners do not understand the protection of sports professional knowledge, and do not pay attention to before running a warm-up, knee strain faster.

worth mentioning is that the running knee also favors women, and the incidence of female runners is 2 times as much as that of men. This is because the female's pelvis is wider, making the women have a larger Q angle (Q-Angle). Q angle refers to the angle between the joint of the tibial tubercle and the center of the patella and the line between the center of the patella and the anterior superior iliac spine of the hip bone. Too large or too small Q can increase the pressure of the patella during the knee movement.

Don't try to be brave


shoes to select

how do we protect our knees while we are running? Chen Haipeng gave us some advice:

tries to choose the softer ground motion to avoid the excessive impact of the knee during the movement.

is suitable for running distance according to his own physical condition.

selects a pair of running shoes suitable for their foot type and gait.

strengthens the strength of the four - head muscle (the front of the thigh), and a strong four - head femoris can improve the patellar trajectory.

before and after each exercise draft hamstring (rear thigh) and triceps (calf).

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