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2012-1-21 11:45 upload download attachment (99.18 KB) in July 2011, a never released version of the flame red version of Air Jordan V samples have been exposed to everyone, legend has it that only three pairs of samples. This sample and once engraved "Fire V Air Jordan Red" there are some differences: the sample is used in flame red outsole, black bottom and red tongue with dentil, gray, there is no" 23 "embroidered; and before the engraved version uses a commercially available crystal bottom, red in the end, the black tongue and dentate decoration, with black," 23 "embroidered uppers no.. Would you like this never burning red flame color on sale at 23rd anniversary Air Jordan V on 2013? Please wait and see. If you can't wait, you can log on to eBay immediately and bring the Sample back to you. It is priced at US $1499.00.

careful friends may find in yesterday's opener, the Bulls players Jimmy. Butler on foot a pair of red Adidas Crazy 8, today the Internet exposure of the shoe detail, the shoe is actually JP Custom Kicks as Butler made personal fixed plate, Butler the custom shoes the 281281 is named Butler's hometown of Dezhou City Tomball area code. The red shoes vamp snake leather heel is build, the bulls Logo.

Meishan city new sports "run friends" group. Meishan city new sports "run friends" group.

Sichuan Meishan online channel news (Yang Yang) recently, the daily evening walking in the streets of Meishan to find a beautiful landscape, a group of people love to run the city adds beauty and vitality. After the square dance, a new form of leisure exercise, group running, is being born here.
"In March 17, 2014, they started running for the first time," he told reporters at the
group runner in Meishan. "At that time, there were only five people. In 3 months, their team participated in running more than 50 people per day. Every night in the edge of the building 7:20 vision set, from the perspective of Minjiang Bridge building to run back and forth, a distance of about 8 kilometers, about an hour of time. Every weekend, we also organize our teammates to go to Meishan to carry out hiking, mountain climbing and other activities.

from 35 to over 50 people running team, Mr. Liu has experienced a period of untold hardships, "to a friend and I, just the two of us, regardless of my bike or running slowly, just saw a man running on the cheek to say hello, ask them to join us in Meishan" cool running "QQ group, a lot of friends willing to join, but I have often been refused, because I love sports, the skin is dark, when to say hello can easily be mistaken for bad." Mr. Liu jokly told reporters: "now we set up the 'Meishan cool run' QQ group has more than 400 members, feel that their first hard value!" When talking about the reasons you love running when Mr. Liu's answer do not have some fun: "I was running not only to health, in order to lose weight, it is to fully and delightfully running, can better enjoy the delicacy on the tongue."

in further understanding, the reporter found that the Meishan running group has a high hand. Mr. Liu proudly told reporters: "we have a running group in Meishan the fastest man in March 22nd this year, held in Chongqing International Marathon, a total of 30 thousand entries, we run to the group of 5 people, one of only two hours and 55 minutes to finish the entire 42.195 km away. Harvest forty-second achievements. There is a Meishan run far, he attended the May held in Shijiazhuang 100 kilometers wild cross-country, 80 athletes from 15 provinces and cities nationwide participating in this competition, the men's group of 69 people, the women's group of 11 people, the cool running mate after 19 hours and 16 minutes of hard work, get good the results of the men's group of eighteenth. Now we are also preparing for the first International Marathon - Xichang International Marathon in Sichuan in November 9th.

citizen Zhou is one of the running enthusiasts. He is a loyal member of this running group. From running in April, Mr. Zhou said: "through these months of exercise, I feel healthier. As long as I have time, I will come and run.

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