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there is no doubt that Air Jordan V is one of the leading role will be next year, has been exposed to the GS version of "For The Love of strawberry The Game" and the blasting crack don't note sample has caused a small topic, and now in next year will be engraved in white / Black / red color in kind the exposure of the spy photos also. It is reported that this Air Jordan V will be officially launched in January 26th next year.

Atlanta have a skateboard shop, exhibited several upcoming launch this year's SAMPLE shoes, but should be the hottest is Supreme Dunk Low SAMPLE, also inspired by the classic Jordan like 3 lines design, will certainly make a lot of people spend a lot of money in the above paragraph, this paragraph of Asia is coming in October, Asia Limited we look forward to offering....

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Data map.

2016 Sina running selection run group ticket is in full swing. In the voting stage, we will recommend several special run groups for you every week to see who is in the second phase.

1, Fujian most Yan Lu Road Group

run a slogan: I have
in the hand.
Fuzhou most Yan - value road run group came to the fore in last year's selection, winning the title of the ten best run group. Over the past year, the most popular sport has participated in over 100 events at home and abroad, including marathon and cross-country events. The running group has certain social influence in Fujian province and even the whole country. Headline news, Sina running, Sina micro-blog, and several television media, radio media, and newspaper media coverage in Fujian province have reported and reported running groups. The co stars are Li Chen, Chen He, and Jane Zhang. The Olympic champion has been collaborated with Shi Zhiyong, Deng Ya Ping, Zhang Xiangxiang and so on. In less than two years, the team has strong professionalism, strong organization and strong cohesiveness.

2, OMG running group

run a slogan: Run as One!
OMG run group is a running group of IT people with nearly 300 runners, and is also a regular guest at home and abroad. They are an elite group that shows cohesion and takes every competition day as a holiday. They encourage people around them with running companions, and become a positive running group for blind people with public interest actions. The members of the run group, mainly with Oracle Corp colleagues, are all over the country, with the largest number in Beijing, with nearly 300 people. He was successfully selected to run China's top 100 of the year in 2015.

3, Financial Street caravan

ran group slogan: Street caravan, happy and healthy!

2016 Sina vote was still running like a raging fire, currently at the top of the Financial Street caravan, the run group was founded in June 2013, initiated by the financial industry executives from the Yangtze River, and North and central Europe, on high, Fudan University, Xiamen University, Zhejiang University, the National People's Congress, Hong Kong, more than a dozen business school Gorbachev friends, and work for people to achieve the dream of running for the financial.

4, actor guild

run a slogan: a new man!

run circles of people who know god five brother @ strong Steamed Buns 0520_ Liuyi, his pet phrase is # ritham for new #, and his group ran the actors union participated in this year to run group selection, many people asked about the "actor" meaning, it is a help for running soon friends, hope in the running in addition to each other to bring more joy to their lives "interpretation of the various roles"! They don't like acting, they just like happiness!

5, mammoth vertical and horizontal

running a slogan: running out of me, wonderful life!

mammoth vertical and horizontal has been awarded the title of sina's top ten run groups for two years, and they are also north.

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